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Your unique style could save a dying art

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help preserve the culture of weaving and your own unique identity through quality handwoven products that tell your story and the story of the hands that make them.

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Each wallet is handwoven by artisans in Guatemala

Meet the Weavers

In pursuit of a minimalist wallet I found WeaveSleave. Not only did they deliver a fine and durable wallet but they gave me a small piece of culture from a beautiful country. A+

Laura Corriveau (Worcester, Massachusetts)

Nearly every time I pull out my WeaveSleeve, it becomes a conversation starter.  It's fun to have a very functional, stylish, and valuable product that benefits so many people. 

Tyler Smith (Logan, Utah)

The Weavesleeve is perfect and my daughter was wild about the colors and quality.  It was the perfect size for her Macbook.  I wish you all the best and thank you for everything.

Becky Injerd (Muskegon, Michigan)