Our Mission is to help preserve the culture of weaving and your own unique identity through quality handwoven products that tell your story and the story of the hands that make them.


Our company takes pride in sourcing our handwoven textiles from female artisans in Guatemala.  Over the years it has become increasingly difficult for these women to earn money by selling their handwoven products.  In search of ways to help supplement the income of each of their families, they have had to dedicate their time working on things that have a higher return.  Sadly, this has impacted their desire to teach their children this incredible art form and tradition that's been handed down for generations.

Over the last few years we have seen the impact that WeaveSleeve has had in the lives of the artisans we work with.  Not only are these women able to work from home and help provide for their families through weaving, their children are once again being taught this incredible skill and are proud of their heritage. We've watched as mothers and daughters sit side by side laughing and sharing special moments, passing on a tradition and skill that is guaranteed to last another generation and hopefully for generations to come.

We purchase the weaves from our team of artisans at an above market price. We also share 10% of our earnings with these female entrepreneurs, highlighting one of them each month.